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Facilitate and Control Effective Teamwork
Last update: 27.09.2021
What this course about?

Teams are needed because the world we live in requires constant experimentation, a continual response to changing conditions. In our exploration of new conditions and possibilities, we have to rapidly integrate new partners and different work disciplines. The team structure adapts most easily to changing conditions and has the greatest potential for creative solutions and new approaches to work challenges.

This five-days course teaches participants how to develop strategies for leading diverse teams, brainstorming, managing virtual team members, techniques for ensuring effective and productive team meetings, leading vs following and creating highly motivated staff members.

The programme also provides a successful team development process that facilitates the development of a new team or the revitalization of an existing team. Whether your team is an ongoing work group, or a special project based team of limited duration, you will rapidly increase its effectiveness with the use of these teamwork tools and skills.

🌐 Who is this course for?
Managers, Program and Project Leaders, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Team members, Individuals who wish to lead teams to high performance, and those preparing for promotion into a managerial role.
📋 Pre-course requirements
  • Базовые знания и навыки в данной теме
What will you learn?
  • Learn to identify the different types of teams & develop different strategies for leading them
  • Recognize the different team development stages and behaviors
  • Master techniques to manage teams at each stage of development, known as Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning
  • Develop a range of great team building activities
  • Gain strategies & techniques to ensure effective & productive team meetings
  • Develop great team problem solving & facilitation skills
  • Learn techniques to foster teamwork & create a supportive team culture
Course outline
  • Defining Success What is a team?
  • Goals, Roles and Processes
  • The Leader’s Role
  • What Teams Need
  • Your Best and Worst Experiences
  • Factors for success
  • An overview of Tuckman and Jensen’s Four-Phase Model
  • Types of Teams
  • Traditional team
  • Self-Direct teams
  • E-Teams
  • The First Stage of Team Development – Forming
  • The Second Stage of Team Development – Storming
  • The Third Stage of Team Development – Norming
  • The Fourth Stage of Team Development – Performing
  • Team Building Activities The benefits and disadvantages
  • Team building activities that won’t make people cringe
  • Choosing a location for team building
  • Making the Most of Team Meetings Setting the time and place
  • Try the 50-Minute meeting
  • Using celebrations of all sizes
  • Encouraging brainstorming
  • Building consensus
  • Symptoms of Team Stress
  • The Five Dysfunctions of Teams
  • Decision Strategies
  • Goal Setting and Problem Solving
  • Team Assessment
  • Developing Trust
  • Mapping Your Stakeholders
  • Communication Planning
  • Choice and Control
  • Building Blocks of Effective Communication
  • Influencing Skills
  • Successful Delegation
  • Giving Feedback for Improved Performance
  • Managing Conflict
  • Virtual Leadership Challenges and Strategies
  • Action Plans
Available formats
Instructor-led online (webinar)
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06.10.2021 - 10.10.2021 Online , Russian Russian $239,99 , Webinar Webinar
04.04.2022 - 08.04.2022 Online , Russian Russian $239,99 , Webinar Webinar
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