Design and upgrade of the technical training centers
Technical vocational education and training plays an essential role in improving the wellbeing of societies and communities.
Technical vocational education and training (TVET)
Technical training
Training centers design
Training centers upgrade or modernization
Why is technical and vocational education and training important?
TVET facilitates provide economic growth by increasing the productivity of workers. The returns from increased output far exceed the costs of training, direct and indirect, leading to economic growth.
Businesses are more willing to invest in a community with strong human resources.
Technical vocational education and training plays an essential role in improving the wellbeing of societies and communities.
Vocational training: benefits of qualified employees
Vocational training
Better skilled and qualified employees
Government & Schools
Boost of production
Provision of enchanced services
More job opportunities
Meeting the needs of the labor market
Attract further direct investment
Research and Feasibility study
Analysis and research of the current market demand and offer (situation on the labour market, skills available and missing, other training centers on the market etc.)
Research of the future skills demand and training offer forecast
Review of the potential locations for the training center
Design stage
  • Review best options for ownership and governance models
  • Develop economic and financial models (CapEx, Opex, revenue, net present value (NPV), return, cash flow and risk analysis)
  • Prepare 3 types of budgets estimates (rough, contract, definitive)
  • Develop branding, sales and marketing strategy
  • Define learning strategy and curricula
  • Define requirements for workshops, laboratories, equipment and facilities
  • Develop manpower strategy and organizational structure
  • Define new learning delivery technologies
  • Create architectural and general design concepts
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Accomodation complex exterior
Accomodation complex interior
Accomodation complex interior
Chemical laboratory interior
Conference center exterior
Conference center interior
Drilling workshops interior
Cafeteria interior
Build/Go live phase
  • Conduct budget estimates and market research
  • Develop procurement strategy and tender documentation
  • Facilitate and control major tenders
  • Contractors management and cost control
  • Staffing of teaching and admin staff
  • Develop training programmes and detailed curricula
  • Establish admissions and attract students
Operations management or Transfer to the Owner phase
Define KPIs for business processes
Transfer training center operations to owner
General training center management
Existing training centres upgrade or modernization
Conduct feasibility study
Develop training centre modernization/upgrade strategy
Prepare modernization budget and plan
Implement modernization (facilities, technologies, learning process and curricula)
Professionals and consultants participating in the project
Education, training and learning technologies professionals
Management consultants
Electrical engineers
Automation, instrumentation and controls engineers
Civil construction engineers
Information technologies and communications engineers
Mechanical engineers
HVAC engineers
Discipline-specific subject-matter experts
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Swimming pool
Restaurant interior
Sport complex locker room
Mechanical workshop interior
Sport complex interior
Electrical workshop interior
Recreation facilities interior
Meeting room interior
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