Abdelkader Hamdi
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Highly accomplished and versatile Senior Process Operations Trainer with over 30 years of comprehensive experience in the oil and gas industry across the Middle East and Africa. Backed by a solid academic foundation, including a Master's degree and B.Sc. in Chemical engineering, and relevant certifications from reputed institutions like OPITO, IOSH, and OSHA. Dedicated 15 years to training, learning, and development roles with leading multinational companies like KOC, Petrofac, Aramco, Shell, ENI, Glencore and Sonatrach.
Proven expertise in designing and delivering immersive classroom and on-the-job training programs across a broad spectrum of domains, including process operations, process control, HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment), and maintenance. Adept at aligning training initiatives with strategic organizational goals and fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.
Proficient in developing comprehensive curricula, course materials, assessments, and evaluation processes to enhance workforce competencies. Skilled in conducting theoretical and practical training sessions, leveraging cutting-edge simulation technologies and task-based exercises. Experienced in mentoring trainees, from new hires to experienced operators, control room personnel, supervisors and engineers guiding them through various levels of responsibility.
Dedicated to promoting a proactive safety culture, instilling best practices, and fostering dialogue and involvement among learners. Adept at coordinating cross-functional collaborations, working closely with subject matter experts, engineers, and operational teams to ensure training programs align with industry standards and client requirements. A solutions-driven professional with exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities, consistently delivering high-quality training solutions that drive operational excellence.
Профессиональные области
  • Добыча нефти и газа
    #Добыча нефти и газа #Управление производственными операциями
  • Переработка газа
    #Первичная подготовка и переработка газа #Сжиженный природный газ (СПГ)
  • Промышленная безопасность
    #Охрана труда и промышленная безопасность
  • Защита экологии
    #Очистки сточных вод
  • Замкнутое пространство
    #Работа в замкнутом пространстве