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I have over twenty years of experience in the field of instrumentation technology in oil and gas industry. My professional career spans various aspects, from diagnosing and solving complex technical issues to developing and conducting technical training, one of which areas is renewable energy.
My career began at the State Power Supply Company, where I worked as an electrician from 1995 to 2003. During this period, I acquired valuable skills in repairing, replacing, modifying, and calibrating various types of electric meters. I also engaged in training and coaching work teams, which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of quality and safe work execution.
In 2003, I joined Exxon Mobil as an Instrumentation Technician. In this role, I diagnosed and resolved complex issues in instrumentation systems, reducing system downtime by 50%. I continuously kept up with technological advancements and recommended improvements that enhanced overall process efficiency. A key part of my responsibilities was also the development and implementation of technical training programs, creating training materials, and evaluating training effectiveness.
Since 2019, I have been working at Petrofac as a Technical Instructor. My responsibilities include developing training materials and programs, assessing and monitoring student progress, and creating practical exercises and laboratory sessions. I also ensure that knowledge in the field remains up-to-date and create technical documentation.
Have two hi education as power engineer, and teacher of technology. Finish TSTC (Texas State Technical college) as instrumentation technician. Finish College in Russia as a mechanic of Forest industry.
I have skills in working with the following manufacturers - Bentley Nevada, CCC, Fisher, Rosemount, Rotork, etc.
My many years of experience and deep knowledge in both traditional and alternative energy enable me to offer unique solutions and ensure a high level of training. I strive for continuous process improvement and the implementation of the latest technologies. My approach to training includes interactive and practical methods that help students not only acquire knowledge but also confidently apply it in practice.
Профессиональные области
  • Переработка нефти и газа
    #Технологии нефтепереработки #Система обессоливания нефти
  • Ремонт оборудования
    #Управление остановкой завода
  • Переработка газа
    #Первичная подготовка и переработка газа #Сжиженный природный газ (СПГ)
  • Автоматизация, контрольно-измерительные приборы и средства управления
    #Автоматизированная система управления технологическим процессом #ПЛК и система SCADA #Системы КИПиА #Измерение расхода и уровня
  • Инженерная механика и трубопроводы
    #Статичное оборудование #Вращающееся оборудование #Отопление, вентиляция и кондиционирование #Компрессорные системы #Эксплуатация и обслуживание дизельных двигателей #Контроль материалов и борьба с коррозией #Обслуживание трубопроводной системы #Сосуды под давлением и теплообменники #Центровка насоса и двигателя
  • Энергетика и электротехника
    #Солнечная энергетика
  • Добыча нефти и газа
    #Первичная подготовка и переработка нефти #Добыча нефти и газа #Управление производственными операциями
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#Bently nevada 3500 (System1) Antisurge Control (CCC) Rotork. Rosemount. Fisher. LEDEEN Actuators. Home CNC Routers. And many another thing )))