Amr Mohamed Chams El dine Abdel Samad
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Amr stands as a paragon of expertise and dedication in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics, underpinned by a robust educational foundation in Mechanical Engineering from Cairo University and further enhanced by specialized training in Project Management from the American University in Cairo. With over three decades of progressive experience in the oil and gas industry, his career trajectory showcases a deep engagement with both upstream and downstream sectors across various international landscapes.

Beginning his career as a Junior Well-site Geologist in 1981, Amr rapidly ascended through roles of increasing responsibility, eventually leading exploration teams in Egypt's critical oil sectors, such as the Gulf of Suez and the Western Desert. His tenure in these roles was marked by significant contributions to geological data management, exploration, and development strategies, which were crucial in optimizing resource extraction and understanding subsurface structures.

In 2005, Amr's career took a global turn as he extended his expertise to international oil and gas companies in Libya and Holland, where he not only led geological evaluations and data integration efforts but also played a pivotal role in training and developing junior geologists. This phase of his career emphasized his dual commitment to advancing geological sciences and nurturing the next generation of industry professionals.

Transitioning to a consulting role in 2012, Amr began focusing on supply chain and logistics within the oil and gas sector, bringing his extensive field experience into strategic supply chain management. His prowess in leadership coaching, health safety and environment (HSE) management, auditing, and lean six sigma has significantly enhanced operational efficiencies and compliance for multinational corporations.

Since 2016, Amr has also been imparting his knowledge as an international course instructor, covering an extensive range of topics from structural geology in petroleum exploration to modern operation geology and seismic interpretation. His courses are renowned for their depth and practical relevance, often incorporating the latest in industry practices and technologies.

In his current roles as a Consultant for an International Oil and Gas Company and Managing Partner for Le Miracle Aluminum Doors and Windows Solutions, Amr seamlessly blends his technical acumen with entrepreneurial insight, showcasing a unique ability to lead, innovate, and instruct. His recent engagement as an Associate Instructor at the Technical Education Academy since 2023 highlights his ongoing commitment to education, where he continues to mentor and train professionals in core supply chain and logistics concepts.

Amr's career is a testament to his versatile expertise, leadership capabilities, and dedication to continual learning and development. As an instructor and coach in PSCM, he brings a wealth of practical experience and strategic insight, making him an invaluable resource for professionals aspiring to excel in supply chain management within the oil and gas industry.
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