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Experienced Programmes, Projects and Supply Chain Director with 15+years of demonstrated history of delivering successful results in the Humanitarian & Development Sphere, FMCG and Oil & Energy industry. A highly skilled and proven record of accomplishment for managing and driving business transformation via the implementation of changes and optimization in Projects Deliverables, Operations and Value Chain Management as well as Sales.

Recent consulting and leadership experience in the non-profit development, humanitarian and FMCG sectors that has consolidated and optimized complex and heterogeneous organizations with subsequently increased business efficiency, reduced operational risk & significant ROI and TCO improvements.

Currently serving as the Manager of Supply Chain Management at Octavia Energy Corporation, Anwar leads a diverse team across the MENA region, steering a startup towards refining operational workflows and elevating efficiency. His leadership has been pivotal in managing a budget exceeding $60 million annually, crafting strategic sourcing plans, and spearheading substantial cost reduction initiatives. Anwar's role as a senior management team member has also seen him introducing groundbreaking supply chain strategies that significantly enhance customer service and logistics.

Prior to his current role, Anwar directed programs and project development at SMEPS in Yemen, where he managed a wide array of donor-funded initiatives aimed at promoting livelihoods and entrepreneurship. His strategic oversight ensured that SMEPS adhered to its mandate while expanding its influence and operational scope, thus securing and sustaining donor relationships which were crucial for the organization's growth and sustainability.

His tenure at Action Contre La Faim further underscores his capability in logistical coordination and asset management across challenging environments like Yemen. Under his stewardship, the NGO not only met its operational goals but also expanded its funding and operational scope significantly, thanks to his adeptness at navigating complex grant management processes and stakeholder relationships.

Anwar's foundational experiences include pivotal roles at Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation, where he excelled in procurement and warehousing, managing substantial budgets and fostering a culture of efficiency and ethical accountability. His strategic contributions were recognized through multiple awards, reflecting his impact in aligning supply chain strategies with broader business objectives.

Academically, Anwar is well-prepared, holding a Master’s degree in Operations & Strategic Supply Chain Management from the University of Roehampton, alongside other qualifications that underpin his practical experience. His continuous engagement as a freelance consultant further reflects his dedication to his field, staying at the forefront of supply chain management and operational strategies.

Anwar is not just a coach or an instructor; he embodies a wealth of practical experience backed by strategic academic insights. His career is a testament to his ability to mentor and lead teams towards achieving exceptional business outcomes. This makes him an invaluable asset to learners seeking real-world knowledge and insights into program, project, and supply chain management.
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