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I am experienced in a frontier area exploration with basin analysis skills, exploration opportunity assessments that includes regional geology, block evaluation, prospect evaluation, well proposal and well appraisals.
The Regional projects that I have been involved with (Nile Delta, East Meditt., Syria and Lebanon offshore, Gulf of Suez, WD, Tharwa concession, Libya Sirte Basin) kept building to my regional knowledge. Such regional projects always included the involvement of a large number of geoscientists and I was able to share knowledge and expertise with others. I was also the focal point of major data sharing and transferring for all of these projects (EMED, Tharwa and Sirte Basin).
I am expert in the structural geology of Egypt (Gulf of Suez, Red Sea, Nile Delta and Western Desert), Mediterranean and Northern Africa (Libya and Tunisia). Also very knowledgeable of the structure of Northern Arabia (Syria,Gaza Offshore, Israel and Lebanon). I have an excellent background and a lot of publications.
My other strength is Development opportunity assessments (AMOCO/GUPCO Fields in the Gulf of Suez), which include supporting development planning work by providing validation of pre-existing interpretations and play concepts as well as creating new interpretations (i.e: depositional environment models, type logs, structure maps, isopach maps, cross sections, qualitative well log/mud log/core analysis, annotated bubble maps). Also perform reserves calculation and apply static and dynamic models for the fields (Area A, B and C for GPC blocks for Shell Egypt).
I am Aware of economic and business aspects and risk assessment for exploration and development acreages.
I am self-starter and have the ability to work independently with a high energy level work and I develop my own geological concepts. I always work with multi-discipline team to develop and apply the latest geologic and geophysical techniques.
Coaching junior Staff is also one of my talents.
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  • Геология и разработка месторождений
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