Ivan Budo
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Well Intervention professional manager with broad offshore & onshore experience in Wireline and Slickline interventions in challenging Sakhalin operating environment supported by deep technical knowledge of well completion design and wide range of intervention technologies and tools. Skilled in Wireline and Slickline job design, operational management, remote operations technical support and troubleshooting, risk assessment, modification of the existing tools and engineering of the new downhole tools to overcome well challenges.

My field experience was cultivated on industry-top projects of Sakhalin region in various operating environment including:
- Offshore stationary platforms (Rigs / Rigless)
- Offsore Semi-Submersible Rigs
- Onshore Rigs
- Rigless Onshore operations

List of the services flawlessly delivered includes but not limited to:
- Nipple-less and nipple type plugs setting
- Production multi-phase logging in vertical and horizontal wells
- Extra deep wells tractor conveyed logging
- Formation zones isolation via installation of downhole plugs and straddles
- Tubing perforation services
- Memory logging
- Gas lift valves changeout on Slickline and Wireline
- Wireline conveyed Milling and Mechanical Interventions
- SCSSV troubleshooting: Exercise & wash out tools, Puncher tool, Flapper lock open, WRSSV installation
- Wireline and Slickline Fishing operations
- Bailing and Well Remedial operations
- SSD shifting
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