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Environmental Compliance Coordinator


Responsibilities of Environmental Permitting and Compliance Coordinator.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities: 

  • Supervising, leading and coaching a Team Environmental P&C Engineers. 

  • Environmental permitting and regulatory compliance. 

  • Environmental statutory reporting. 

  • Compliance Monitoring issues. 

  • Environmental financial issues. 

  • Onshore Impact monitoring issues. 

  • Environmental reporting to management, corporate division and shareholders. 

  • HSE cases (environmental permitting / regulatory compliance issues). 

  • Environmental Auditing. 

  • Input to Environmental Impact Assessments and Technical Project Documentation. 

  • Input to Construction Project documentation (chapter “Environmental Protection”). 

  • Preparation of environmental permitting procedures and input to their implementation. 

  • Input to public hearings and events. 

  • Emergency response coordination / Oil spill response issues. 

  • HSE Management System / Environmental Management System. 

  • Contractors' management in terms of environmental permitting issues. 

  • Design change reviews from an HSE viewpoint. 

Safety Responsibilities: 

  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment, by abiding by Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental Regulations. 

  • Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Policy, and applying company Safety Management Systems. 

Main Interfaces: 


  • All departments involved in day-to-day operations (Drilling, Experimental Programme, District Projects, Supply Base, Construction). 

  • All levels management, both within and outside of the District. 


Liaison with regulators at regional and republican level (Regional Environmental Departments, Sanitary Departments, Ministry of Environment, Water Resources Departments). 

Qualifications & Experience: 

  • MSc in an environmental discipline (preferably Western European or North American). 

  • BSc in a scientific discipline (chemistry, biology, geology). 

  • Minimum 5 years of experience working on HSE issues within the in the international company. 

  • Knowledge of licensing and permitting procedures. 

  • Experience/interest in waste management and environmental monitoring is desirable. 

  • Management experience is desirable (or has demonstrated capabilities). 

Required Competencies: 

  • Thorough knowledge environmental legislation. 

  • Computer literate on Microsoft programmes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, GIS, Performance Monitoring. 

  • Ability to co-ordinate the activities of a small team of environmental engineers/trainees. 

  • Ability to work in an international team. 

  • Negotiation skills (regulatory bodies at all levels). 

  • Presentation skills for public hearings.


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