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Process Safety :
Asset Integrity and Process Safety Lead in one of the top 5 companies in Egypt. I have recently completed my Master’s degree in process safety and loss prevention at the University of Sheffield. I am a certified PHA HAZOP Leader from TUV. I also joined the‘’ Process Safety Capacity Building Program’ which has been sponsored by the petroleum ministry and conducted by DNV-GL and I have completed all phases of the program. The program was 12 months of intensive courses, workshops, and projects. It started with a process safety management boot camp based on CCPS 20 Elements, followed by barriers management, HSE Case, ETA, FEMECA, FTA, HAZOP, HAZID, QRA, FERA Using Safeti/phast software, Modern Safety Management, Auditing using Assessor using ISRS Software.

AI-PSM Auditor:
I have participated in process safety audits led by the Petroleum Ministry and EGPC for Egyptian petroleum sector companies. The scope of audits includes PSM Gap analysis based on CCPS 20 Elements, Physical barrier assessment, and culture survey. The scope also includes Performing HAZID &Bow bow tie workshops. Companies in which I participated in their audits are:
- Participated in PSM audits as part of Mistry of Petroleum PSM Audits Campaign:
Exporation and production companies:
▪ Petrobel- Zohr field.
▪ Abu Qir Petroleum Company.
▪ Suez Oil Processing Co (SOPC),
▪ Amreya Petroleum Refining Company (ARPC).
▪ Alexandria National Refining, and Petrochemical Company (ANRPC).
Petrochemicals companies:
▪ Sidi-kerir Petrochemicals Co (SIDPEC)

Operations senior supervisor with 12 years of experience. Areas of expertise include all upstream operations starting from natural & artificial oil wells, HPHT gas wells, oil processing, gas processing including gas sweetening via amine process, gas dehydration via TEG process, hydrocarbon dew-pointing via the turbo expander, and gas compression.

Operation readiness in gas development projects starts from engineering, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up.

Instructor & Training:
Provide Process safety Foundation course that is accredited by IChemE as part of the Process Safety Capacity Building Program Wave-2 which is sponsored by the Ministry of Petroleum, Egypt.
Week 1 Topics :
▪ Process Safety fundamentals -IOGP
▪ CCPS-Risk Based Process Safety Management system-20 Elements
Week-2 Topics:
▪ Barrier Management
▪ Introduction to Risk assessment Techniques
▪ How to read design Engineering and design Documents
▪ HAZID & HAZID workshop
▪ HAZOP & HAZOP workshop
▪ LOPA-LOPA Workshop
▪ Introduction to function safety
▪ SIl
Provide class room courses as a part of competency program at Zohr Project '' The biggest gas development project in the middle east ( Eni-Petrobel)
Courses that have been delivered :
- Field Instrumentation
- Basic Control Training Control
- Tank Design, Demin Water System
- Steam Generation
- Upstream Production Process
- Amine Process.
Provide On-Job Training for New Engineers and Operators as part of Competency Program at El-Gamil field & Zohr Plant.
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