Samir Aliyev
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Samir is a seasoned HSE professional with over 20 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, encompassing service and operator roles. He holds a Master of Science in Risk and Safety Management from a prestigious British university, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health. Samir has spent 11 years in leadership positions, demonstrating his strong management capabilities.
With a diverse background in HSE, Samir has expertise in environmental management, occupational health, safety, process safety, control of work, and risk management. He possesses extensive emergency response experience, having started as a team leader for an offshore emergency response team and progressing to become a key member of an Incident Management Team.
Samir's deep understanding of risk management is evidenced through his hands-on experience with various risk management tools and active participation in numerous risk assessments. His comprehensive oil and gas experience spans drilling, oil field services, projects, production and processing, and pipeline operations.
As a skilled trainer and coach, Samir has facilitated the professional development of countless team members. He also boasts impressive data analysis and IT skills, including proficiency in Power BI, Python, and SQL.
Профессиональные области
  • IT по дисциплинам
    #Аналитика данных
  • Промышленная безопасность
    #Расследование инцидентов #Охрана труда и промышленная безопасность