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Anton Gakhov stands out as more than just a managing director or business consultant. He is a visionary, a key player behind some of the world’s largest energy projects, and a facilitator of meaningful intercultural connections. With an illustrious 19-year tenure in HRM and learning development, Anton has showcased remarkable proficiency across continents, including Europe, Eurasia, Africa, and the Middle East.

At the helm of Tecedu since 2015, Anton's leadership has led the company to pioneer groundbreaking EdTech solutions:
- Interactive Learning Platforms: Anton spearheaded initiatives like bespoke Learning Management System development, integrating holistic learning experiences with virtual classrooms. Under his guidance, Tecedu has ventured into the immersive realm of AR & VR technologies, transforming traditional learning paradigms.
- Direct Edutainment Services: Recognizing the convergence of education and entertainment, Anton has directed the creation of engaging online courses, expert-led webinars, edutainment games, and multimedia-rich interactive eBooks.
- Customized Training Solutions: Emphasizing precision and customization, Anton championed the integration of Training Needs Analysis and Competence Management Systems to produce tailored content. From inception to deployment and consistent feedback, he ensures every training initiative is holistic and iterative.
- Integration and Consultancy: Beyond offering solutions, Anton’s strategic foresight led Tecedu to provide seamless tech integration and invaluable Ed-Tech advisory, positioning businesses at the cusp of the digital learning revolution.

His roles in esteemed projects with giants like BP, Equinor, PetroChina, Lukoil and ENOC underscore his unmatched prowess in the energy sector. However, it's his combination of academic achievements, degrees in Psychology, Education and Business Administration with a talent for strategic innovation and simplification, that places him as a beacon in the EdTech landscape.
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