About us
Short term training
A wide range of training programs in 20 disciplines.
Long term training
Selection of long-term training programs that can be adapted for yourself.
Training and administration
Professional consulting services in training content development, training outsourcing administration, training needs analysis, etc.
Competency management and guarantee
Ready-made solutions for the management and confirmation of competencies.
2D and 3D visualization
2-D and 3-D modeling and visualization, development of simulation learning systems using AR and VR technologies.
Short term training
(internal corporate and public)
Technical programmes
  • Geology, Petrophysics and Reservoir Engineering
  • Drilling and wells services
  • Oil and gas production
  • Refining and chemicals
  • Maintenance management
  • Capital construction
  • Gas processing
  • Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls
  • Mechanical Engineering and Pipeline Systems
  • Offshore
  • Alternative energy
Core business skills
  • Finance and cost control
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • HRM and training
  • Leadership and management
  • Project and risk management
  • Professional administration
  • Sales and marketing
  • Core business skills
  • Industrial psychology
  • Legal support
  • English language training
Digital skills
  • Essential digital skills
  • MS Office Applications
  • Creative professions
  • Entrepreneurial digital skills
  • Computational skills
  • Industry-specific digital skills
  • Industry 4.0 technologies
Health, safety and environment
  • General Health and Safety
  • Environment protection
  • Occupational health
  • Emergency response
  • Oil spill response
  • Permit to work system
  • Confined space
  • Lifting operations
  • Transport safety
  • Role specific programmes
Science, technology and mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Technology
Long term training programs
  • Technical training
  • HSE training
  • Business and technical English
  • Leadership and management development
  • Coaching
  • Core business skills
Request in-house training to maximize your return on investment
Would you like us to customize the course to suit your company's needs? Our in-house learning and development solutions are flexible and efficient, cost-effective and time-efficient ways to get the most out of your learning and development investment. Since the in-house training programs will take place on your premises, you will not. bear any costs or lost time associated with the trip. Plus, as your people learn together, they can discuss and debate the unique circumstances of your organization, making learning even more relevant and effective.
Additional features
If your organization has already developed the training material, but there are no employees who could provide training on it, you can order an instructor who will conduct this training, and you pay only for his working days and logistics costs. The same applies when you have your own instructors, but you only need methodological help in developing training materials. You can also order this service separately.
Training and administration
  • Development of technical e-learning courses
  • Training administration services
  • Development of educational content
  • Installation and maintenance of a learning management system
  • Provision of qualified instructors and content developers
  • Management of corporate scholarships
Competence management and guarantee, consulting
  • Competency management and guarantee
  • Productivity Services
  • Provision of equipment for hands-on technical training
  • Providing security advice
2D and 3D visualization
  • 3D modeling and 360-degree visualization
  • Development of simulators of augmented and virtual reality
  • Interactive 3D plans for the entire enterprise
Personnel training in modern industrial plants is an important task. However, when choosing a professional training provider, many companies face the difficulty of finding a reliable provider that can provide a wide range of training programs.
By contacting various training companies, specialists in the field of personnel training are forced to independently solve problems related to procurement, logistics and the integration of the content of various training programs. That is why the creation of a company that can offer its clients a wide range of training services is our main goal.
Tecedu was founded in 2015 by a group of training and development professionals with experience in the oil and gas industry.
We provide comprehensive training services in 20 disciplines, as well as offer automation and digitalization of the educational process, development of training simulators, services for identifying training needs, creating a professional competence management system, and much more.
Our advantages
Client approach
Our consultants take a consultative approach to clients. You only get what you really need, when you really need it. If we are not experts in something, we will advise you on the best suppliers and help you negotiate the best terms. We build our relationship with you on trust! We will define your strategic business goals and develop a proposal that will allow you to achieve these goals.
All our services can be conducted on-site, even if you are in a remote area. Your staff isted no time traveling. A full range of training services that your staff need can be provided in various locations around the world.
Adaptation to your needs
All of our programs can be tailored to your business goals and provide exceptional results for your specific issues if you are looking for cost effective corporate solutions.
Experienced instructors and consultants
Experienced instructors are an integral part of the training. Our meticulous recruiting process ensures that you always have only the best coach or consultant.
Strict quality control
Continuous quality control using Kirkpatrick's four-tiered learning assessment model. If you are providing training for your team or organization, then you probably know how important it is to measure its effectiveness. After all, you don't want to waste time or money on training that doesn't deliver good returns.
Strict quality control
Continuous quality control using Kirkpatrick's four-tiered learning assessment model. If you are providing training for your team or organization, then you probably know how important it is to measure its effectiveness. After all, you don't want to waste time or money on training that doesn't deliver good returns.
Detailed reports
With us, you will always receive your reports on time and in a convenient form, all reports can be prepared in accordance with your requirements, including forms of learning assessment (reaction, learning, behavior), attendance, competency assessment, recommendations for further training, photo reports, etc. .d.
Teaching methodology
Our teaching methodology is focused on hands-on learning at every stage of the curriculum. We implement this approach by combining different teaching methods (work assignments, one-to-one sessions, group discussions, structured learning, etc.).
Training and consulting
TECEDU предоставляет полный набор услуг, которые помогут вам обеспечить соответствие вашей организации повышенным требованиям в области промышленной безопасности и охраны труда. Мы хорошо знакомы с требованиями, предьявляемыми к вашей организации в области ПБ, ОТ и ООС и предлагаем экономически эффективные решения.
Каждая программа и услуга может быть адаптирована под конкретного клиента, с полной гарантией того, что потребности наших клиентов будут удовлетворены.
Our occupational health and safety courses are delivered by experienced and certified instructors who are authorized to provide training and hold the appropriate licenses and certificates.
Our consultants can help you conduct occupational risk assessments to develop comprehensive HSE training matrices for each department and function. We can also assist you in training internal HSE trainers.
Our team will help your organization comply with local and international industrial safety laws and standards, and implement effective health and safety management systems. All this is done in order to protect the life and health of your staff and to minimize possible financial losses.
What makes our programs effective?
Practice in the classroom
Allows students to practice in a controlled environment, which in turn fosters feedback and experiential learning. These sessions include discussion, interactive demonstrations, job / job coaching, brainstorming, and case studies.
Behavioral goals
As you know, students who have a good understanding of their learning goals are more successful in this learning and demonstrate greater involvement in the learning process, which is why it is very important to formulate behavioral learning goals - goals in which the learning outcome is determined in the form of that new behavior or level of performance. , which students must achieve as a result of the educational process.
Reasonable training needs
The best way to understand if training is needed is to conduct a pre-course needs analysis. If the topic of learning is really relevant for students, then they are more actively involved in the learning process, understanding the practical importance of new knowledge and skills that they can apply in the workplace immediately after graduation.
Experienced teachers
Our teachers use active communication methods to ensure high efficiency of the educational process, provide educational material clearly and effectively, and create a comfortable learning environment.
Training methodology
Our teaching methodology focuses on the use of an active adult learning methodology at every stage of the educational process. This is achieved through a combination of a wide range of teaching methods and tools, such as an individual approach to students, the use of gamification methods, the involvement of students in the learning process through individual and group assignments, group discussions, analysis of real examples, etc.