Oil spill response
#Oil spill response
The courses are intended for the work of removing oil stains and oil effluents from the surface of water and soil


To manage aspects related with the oil spill response operational component of Oil Spill Response Strategy. To provide input into the oil spill response development plan. To implement the plans for developing oil spill preparedness and response. 

Accountabilities and Responsibilities: 

  • Providing leadership of the Oil Spill Response Group. 

  • Executing the oil spill response strategy. 

  • Overseeing of Engineering development program. 

  • Ensuring that oil spill strategy is in line with the development plan. 

  • Defining and ensure that operational parameters are met at operations and contractor sites. 

  • Ensuring that all oil spill response facilities are operated in accordance with policies and procedures. 

  • Ensuring that OSR equipment preparedness meets response objectives and Regulatory compliance. 

  • Ensuring the timely and efficient procurement and acquisition of OSR equipment. 

  • Ensuring effective OSR risk assessment, prevention planning and auditing for all Contractor sites. 

  • Designing, organizing and reporting preparation for oil spill response exercises (both tabletop and field deployment types), to meet preparedness objectives and regulatory compliance. 

  • Being a champion of response development objectives and regulatory requirements. 

  • Promoting continuous improvement with respect to oil spill preparedness and response in line with HSE MS principles. 

Safety Responsibilities: 

  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment, by abiding by Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental Regulations. 

  • Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Policy, and applying company Safety Management Systems. 

Main Interfaces: 


With all company departments, particularly those involved in operations, such as Drilling, Marine supply Base, Waste Management, Construction, District Projects. 


Company contractors, while ensuring full knowledge of the contract holders, local and National Government. Other operating company representatives. 

Qualifications & Experience: 

  • An Engineering or Technical degree followed by post graduate studies. 

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in oil spill response. 

  • Project implementation and progress reporting experience. 

  • Strong expertise in technical aspects of oil spill response and countermeasures equipment for marine and land spill environments, in particular experience in small vessel and barge operations and spill equipment used in a marine coastal environment. 

  • Field operations experience during oil spills. 

  • Oil spill exercise planning and execution experience. 

  • Competence in operating oil slick drift forecasting computer models. 

  • High level of competence and experience in oil spill response training for field responders using countermeasures equipment and response vessels. 

Required Competencies: 

  • Computer skills, including knowledge of OilMap, MS-Word, Excel, MS-Project. 

  • Good presentation and training skills. 

  • Self-motivated, self-starter with commitment to continuous improvement. 

  • Ability to interface at various levels of organization. 

Oil Spill Response Coordinator
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