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TECEDU technical training programmes for technicians and fresh engineers in the field of oil and gas production...
In order to make sure that your team is trained and certified in accordance with the regulations of your organization...
If English is a common business language in your organization and you have a team working on an international...
TECEDU offers a wide range of short and long term training programmes to suit both aspiring executives and experienced...
Features of training
Practitioners as trainers and consultants
  • Training is provided by practicing instructors who are recognized experts in their fields
  • Constant knowledge sharing - influencer instructors maintain their own blogs
  • Quickly receive micro-consultations and order research from experts of interest, directly
Adaptive, personalized learning
  • Choose an instructor, the program of interest and the dates of the training
  • Flexibly change standard programs to suit the needs of your company
  • Order coaching and additional services for staff development in the workplace, on the job
Skills training
  • Less theory and more practice in active learning through simulations, analysis of business scenarios and examples, hands-on exercises and role plays
  • Flexible choice of options for hands-on training, both on-site and online in virtual workshops
Convenient tools for monitoring the educational process
  • Multi-factor quality control of the learning process
  • Track your learning progress and get recommendations on how to optimize your efforts
  • Control budgets, analyze investment in training and track the effectiveness of educational projects
Learning based on competency models
  • Training is carried out according to curricula developed on the basis of international standards recommended by professional associations
  • Students self-assess their competence and identify development zones
  • Comprehensive assessment of personnel competence on request
Advanced data analysis and machine learning technologies
  • Track progress and learning dynamics in real time
  • Intelligent system for selecting listeners according to the level of knowledge and interests
  • Receive recommendations to optimize your training programs
  • Large selection of built-in reports
Digital Certificate of Learning
  • Blockchain-protected digital learning documents
Our team
Business trainer

To become our business coach, specialists are carefully selected. As a result, only the best remain. On the one hand, they have a serious theoretical basis - compulsory higher education and vocational training / retraining for the development and implementation of educational programs from 80 hours. On the other hand, a unique practical experience: at least 10 years in one of the companies included in the international rating of the 500 best according to Forbes, or at least 5 years in the consulting company BCG / McKinsey & Company / Bain & Company or the auditing company KMPG / Ernst & Young / PWC / Deloitte & Touch. At the same time, they have been working in leadership positions for 3 years or more.

Such specialists provide knowledge that cannot be found in textbooks and books. It is important for us that specialists can clearly and clearly convey their experience, knowledge and vision of the business, therefore each trainer works as an instructor for at least 3 years. Some have MBA degrees.

Technical trainer

It is important for us that you receive knowledge from the best experts in the industry. We cooperate with instructors who have a higher profile education and an academic degree, as well as many years of production experience in the oil and gas sector. Each of them has worked for 10 or more years in one of the Fortune Global 500 companies, including in key technical or management positions. These are people who have implemented major projects for the TOP-500 international companies of Forbes and are ready to share their unique experience.

These are practitioners who have undergone professional training or retraining in the development and implementation of educational programs (from 80 hours) in order to conduct the most useful courses and trainings. They have been working as instructors for at least 5 years, and some of them as assessors and competency modellers. All this makes training with them so valuable and in demand in the professional market, including among leading companies.

Subject Matter Expert

TECEDU's technical experts are becoming the best in their industry. The highest level of their training and knowledge is confirmed by the presence of higher education in one of the top universities and an academic degree in their specialty (candidate of sciences, doctor of PhD). To achieve professional excellence, they have worked for 20 or more years in one of the TOP-500 companies in the international Forbes rating. Experience in key technical or management positions in leading companies in the industry, as well as major international projects in Fortune Global 500 companies, have provided them with unique technical skills and knowledge.

In addition, they have worked as instructors for 10 years or more. This means you can learn from leading experts, each of whom is worth its weight in gold.

Content Developer

We set the most stringent requirements for the developers of training programs, since the quality of training programs depends on their competence. We cooperate with talented specialists with higher education, many years of experience in oil and gas production and personnel training.

These specialists have worked for at least 15 years in one of the top 500 companies in the international Forbes rating, including in key technical and management positions. Implementing large-scale projects for Fortune Global 500 companies, they have achieved the highest skill, the secrets of which are shared in the courses. In addition, they have worked as instructors for 5 or more years and are able to build the educational process effectively. Some of them have a scientific degree in their specialty (candidate of sciences, doctor of PhD), as well as work experience as an assessor or competency model developer. Based on these criteria, we find developers who are fully consistent with your needs for quality and engaging learning.


The aim of TECEDU assessors is to help you achieve the qualifications you want. These are specialists from the oil and gas industry with higher specialized education and at least 10 years of work in one of the 500 best companies in the world according to Forbes. They have achieved the highest level of excellence in large projects in key technical or management positions for Fortune Global 500 companies. This, combined with teaching experience, allows them to carefully assess the abilities, knowledge and skills of students in order to provide them with the support they need. They underwent professional training / retraining in assessing competencies and testing knowledge (from 80 hours). They worked as instructors for at least 5 years and for at least 3 years were engaged in the assessment of competencies and verification of knowledge. They take into account many details to make the learning process more effective and help you achieve the results you want.

Training calendar
In our training calendar you will find the necessary information about the upcoming trainings, seminars and conferences
Feedback from client companies
We recommend TECEDU as a reliable and professional partner in the field of technical training. Our company has passed trainings “Operation of gas fire extinguishing systems under the control of the Sigma XT + panel”, “Fire pumps with a gas drive for a fire extinguishing system” and “Water and waste water treatment”. I liked the format, the high-quality and comfortably organized learning process, the practicality and applicability of knowledge. Our specialists have received a decent basis for improving their work.
Konstantin C.
Training coordinator, Caspian Pipeline Consortium
The course “Operation and maintenance of the ANSUL A 101-30 fire extinguishing system” helped specialists to understand more deeply the features of the system and gain the necessary knowledge to work with it. The training was helpful. The course material was adapted to the needs of our company. Despite the serious volume and complexity of the information, it was interesting to study, the information is presented in an accessible way. Exactly what is needed! I especially liked the practical part of the course. We would like to thank you separately for your efficiency and professionalism. We will be happy to continue our cooperation!
Munira M.
Head of HR department, Voskhod Oriel
TECEDU has done a fantastic job with us! The curriculum took into account our needs. Employees received exactly the knowledge and skills that meet the professional challenges of the present and future. The course I took was helpful. On its basis, we have reorganized the management process and made it more efficient. We thank the team of trainers for their patience, professionalism, attentiveness to us and help in achieving educational goals and unleashing potential.
Antonio S.
Manager, Engie
It was a pleasure to work with TECEDU! The enthusiasm and responsibility of the organizers, as well as high qualifications, colossal experience and personal involvement of teachers made the learning process interesting and engaging. After the course on International Reporting Standards held for us, we were able to bring our corporate system in line with the current economic and financial strategies and requirements. Deeply grateful!
Pedro G.
Manager, Cobra
The organizers and instructors of the training “Dew point measurement by the chilled mirror method” proved to be true professionals! The managers promptly responded to the company's request. The training program was well organized and thought out, it was interesting to study. High-quality teaching materials helped to assimilate a large amount of information. The instructors have proven their competence more than once. Both the theoretical and practical parts were rich, the information was presented clearly and competently. We recommend to colleagues and will be happy to continue our cooperation.
Aizan N.
Learning Development Specialist, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating