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#Business English
Sergey is a seasoned professional with a strong focus on the oil and gas industry. He is a multilingual expert, fluent in English, French, and Russian, specializing in interpretation and translation services. With a background in organizational management...
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Technical instructor for drilling- related, MWD, and radiation safety courses, fluent English, multicultural and international training experience
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#General PSCM management
Посвятив более 20 лет работе в крупных нефтегазовых проектах, являясь сотрудником англо-голландской энергетической компании «Шелл» и французской «Тоталь», Александр приобрёл уникальный опыт как в Российской Федерации, так и за её пределами, посетив более ...
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#Contract Law
#Corporate Governance
Law is the language of business. Deals are made and broken In that language. Most lawyers will tell you that it is a secret language which is properly understood only by specialists and not you. My purpose is to equip my students with the confidence to us...
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