Partnership with the Technical Training Academy
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Training Centres
  • Rental of Material and Technical Base
    We offer collaboration to training centres with modern infrastructure and workshops, interested in improving the efficiency of using their material and technical base. Joint organisation of courses and use of training premises will help both parties reduce costs and increase the number of students.
  • Joint Training Programmes
    We offer the development of joint training programmes, building on common strengths and expertise. This can enhance marketing appeal and attract clients interested in comprehensive educational solutions.
  • Cross-selling and Mutual Promotion
    The Technical Training Academy offers partners the opportunity to participate in mutual promotion and advertising of training programmes and professional services, which can significantly increase reach and audience without significant additional marketing costs.
  • Creation of Modern Educational Content
    We invite our partners to consider the possibility of jointly developing high-quality educational content, which can be used both online and in classrooms. Our industrial visualisation studio and experience in developing modern multimedia content will help reduce the cost of its creation.
  • Expertise Exchange
    Another significant advantage is a platform for sharing experience and expertise between our experts, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and experience.
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Equipment Manufacturers
  • Specialised Training Programmes
    The Technical Training Academy offers mutually beneficial collaboration to equipment manufacturers to create specialised training programmes. These programmes will train on the principles of operation, maintenance, and repair of branded equipment, significantly enhancing the value of the manufacturer's offerings.
  • On-site Training
    We offer training sessions directly at the clients' workplaces of equipment manufacturers. This service can be included in the delivery package when purchasing new equipment, allowing clients to operate and maintain it effectively, thereby enhancing the user experience and building brand loyalty.
  • Product Demonstrations and Master Classes
    Instructors from the Technical Training Academy can participate in master classes and seminars, where they demonstrate the latest equipment. They explain the technical specifications and advantages of this equipment, comparing it to other manufacturers' products and highlighting its unique features.
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EPC Contractors
  • Turnkey Client Personnel Training
    TEA can offer comprehensive educational programmes tailored to the specifics of the equipment and production processes of the client. This will enable clients to ensure high qualification of their employees, improving the efficiency of equipment operation.
  • Online and Offline Training Formats
    Development of flexible training formats, including online courses for theoretical preparation and face-to-face practical sessions on real equipment or at the client's production facilities.
  • Training Documentation at Commissioning
    TEA can undertake the development and systematisation of all training documentation, including manuals, operating instructions, and maintenance guides. This will ease the process for clients of introducing new employees to work and enhance the safety of production processes.
  • Personnel Certification
    Offering certification programmes for client employees, confirming their qualification upon completion of the courses. This will be an additional guarantee of quality for consulting companies and client enterprises.
Partner Selection Criteria
We understand that choosing a reliable partner in business is a very important and responsible step. We offer a number of criteria that allow us to select partners with whom we can build long-term and fruitful relationships, based on mutual trust and cooperation

Reputation and Reliability
  • Checking the business reputation of a potential partner through reviews, recommendations, and analysis of history of cooperation with other companies.
  • Presence of a stable financial position and transparency in business operations.

Alignment with Values and Goals
  • Analysis of the values and strategic goals of the partner to ensure they match the goals of your company.
  • Exclusion of conflicts of interest and competition in key markets.

Technological and Innovative Compatibility
  • Assessment of the technical equipment and innovative potential of the partner.
  • The partner's ability to implement new technologies and maintain a high level of product or service quality.

Industry Experience and Expertise
  • Presence of proven experience and deep knowledge in the relevant industry.
  • The partner's ability to offer unique solutions and approaches that will complement and enhance your own offerings.

Geographical Location and Market Access
  • The partner's location and access to strategically important or new markets.
  • The partner's ability to expand the geographical presence of your company.

Legal Compatibility and Flexibility
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory standards, licensing requirements, and other norms.
  • The partner's flexibility in negotiations and development of joint agreements, ability to compromise.