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If you have experience that you would like to share with others, as well as a passion for learning and teaching, then you will certainly be interested in working at TECEDU. Join our team, apply and become an instructor today: Instructor income in the first year is up to 95%
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Who will be interested in this?
Business trainer
Technical trainer
Subject Matter Expert
Content Developer
Requirements for a business coach
  • Work experience as an instructor - at least 3 years
  • Work experience in one of the TOP-500 international companies according to Forbes - at least 10 years, or in a consulting company (BCG, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company) for at least 5 years or in a large audit company (KMPG, Ernst & Young, PWC, Deloitte & Touch) for at least 5 years.
  • Higher education + availability of professional training or retraining in the development and implementation of educational programs (at least 80 hours)
  • Leading work experience - at least 3 years
  • It is desirable to have an MBA
Requirements for a technical instructor
  • Higher specialized technical education + the presence of an academic degree (required)
  • Availability of professional training or retraining in the development and implementation of educational programs (at least 80 hours)
  • Work experience as an instructor - at least 5 years
  • Experience in key technical or managerial positions, as well as in the implementation of large projects in one of the TOP-500 international companies according to Forbes - at least 10 years (Fortune Global 500)
  • Experience as an assessor or in developing competency models is desirable
Requirements for a technical expert
  • Higher education (required) in one of the top universities
  • It is obligatory to have a scientific degree in the specialty (candidate of sciences, doctor of PHD)
  • Experience in key technical or managerial positions, as well as in the implementation of large projects in one of the TOP-500 international companies according to Forbes - at least 20 years (Fortune Global 500)
  • Work experience as an instructor - at least 10 years
What do you get by working with us
Opportunities for creativity and self-expression
  • Develop your own brand! Make money not only from training, but also from coaching, mentoring and consulting
  • Share your invaluable experience with younger generations, leaving your mark on history
  • Decide for yourself what, when and whom to teach, use ready-made programs or suggest your own
  • Travel the world choosing places of interest to you
Profitable working conditions
  • Transparent income accounting system, convenient withdrawal of funds
  • A secure system of settlements with clients - you always get paid for the work done
  • Consultative approach with instructors and experts - get clarifications on all your questions
Modern technologies in teaching
  • Creative studio for creating modern educational content
  • Convenient test builder will help you quickly create tests of any complexity
  • Centralized survey and training needs analysis system
  • Planning, coordination and reporting tools
Available areas of study
Reward system
Guaranteed minimum rates for the work of instructors and coaches, depending on the monitoring of the labor market. This allows you to provide a decent guaranteed income for all members of the community.
How to start earning?
Choose a course topic
Decide on topics in which you are an expert. After that, decide on the target audience and its demand for the selected topics. Choose one of the topics for your course.
Prepare materials
Prepare a training plan, text and video materials, shoot mini-video lectures, come up with tests or other methods of assessment. Make your course interesting and dynamic.
Start learning
Publish the course on the platform. Promote it using links, discounts and coupons. Promote your own brand. Earn not only on training, but also on coaching, mentoring and consulting.
Instructor reviews
I have been working as an instructor at TECEDU for several years. It is a great honor for me to work in the company of such professionals! The training activities are organized in the best way. I don't need to worry about printing handouts, office supplies, transfers, hotels and a thousand other “little things”. All this is undertaken by the organizers, and I can fully and completely concentrate on the training program. How much effort and nerves it saves! And how many times have I convinced myself of the professionalism and competence of organizers, managers, dispatchers. I am also very impressed by the friendly atmosphere and concern not only for the comfort of clients, but also for employees. During business trips, training coordinators are always in touch with me: did I get to the place, is everything okay, how I was met, how I got home, and I know that this is not for show. With such an attitude, of course, you give all your best in working with a customer.It is very pleasant to work with TECEDU!
Alexey Nau
technical instructor
Instructor reviews
TECEDU is one of the best training companies I have worked with. As a speaker, they created the most comfortable conditions for me. The preparation and organizational issues were planned and executed perfectly clearly. I would like to note the competence of the director, the responsibility and efficiency of the manager, and the professionalism of everyone with whom I was lucky to work. Clearly, in advance, minimum stress. Every detail has been thought out - from educational materials that the participants liked so much that they asked where to buy them, to a comfortable hall or questionnaires to evaluate the event. All requirements are transparently spelled out in the contract, payment is timely, without any questions or reminders. In everything, there was a sense of respect and a focus on achieving the maximum of the possible. As a result, it turned out to create a corporate training, which the participants rated 5 out of 5! It's a pleasure to work like this for me.
Oksana Yanko
technical instructor
Instructor reviews
I enjoy working with TECEDU as an instructor. The company has proven itself to be a reliable and responsible organizer of trainings and training courses. I really appreciate the high professionalism of the company's office staff and the use of the most modern teaching methods. I feel that everyone is working towards an overall positive result, friendly and attentive. For example, during my trips to the customers of the training courses, I was convinced of the clear organization of air flights and accommodation in the places of the training. It is nice that the employees of the customers responsible for the trainings respectfully treat the instructor - the representative of the TECEDU company, meet halfway, promptly resolve issues, always in touch. The TECEDU regulations provide for many nuances of interaction that facilitate the preparation and reading of courses. In curricula, theory is not divorced from practice, and practical material, according to the audience, brings obvious benefits. I am grateful to the director of TECEDU, and fellow instructors for their support and invaluable exchange of experience.
Boris Koryagin
technical instructor
Instructor Support Center
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